Too soon?

Wotcha and welcome to the thing that pretty much absolutely nobody has been asking for, the second blog from HY offices deep in the depths of a dank bedroom with a gurgley sink. Sink says hi. 

It’s been a few months since our first post, and as not much has happened in the wider world as far as I can recall, I’d like to take a mo to update you (yep you) on what us pesky screenprinting scamps have been up to. 

It’s tough to know where to start. JB ate an entire camembert and garlic bread and had to go for a lie down for a bit, Nic got up before 10am one day and was in a right huff because of it, but I suppose what we are all gathered here for is to talk about tees and bags. Tee bags if you will. 

We have actually done some stuff, would you adam and believe it. We have made three runs of limited edition t-shirt designs, a pretty swanky tote-bag, and have a kind of shop thing on the internet where you can buy all this stuff with money, free of charge. Sure, we’ve spent hundreds of pounds, ruined a carpet and offended Nic’s mum but the point is we’ve created something. An ill thought idea to something tangible and touchy. Creation is a beautiful thing. 

As we are plotting our next step, maybe you’re reading this and thinking “hey I know of a nice little shop that would stock this nonsense” or “ooh-wee me would please likey one of them tee-tees”. Apart from asking why you’ve put that silly voice on I’d urge you to get in touch with us and tell us what’s what.

You can feast your filthy eyes on our extensive catalogue of 4 items here, tweet us, instagram us, or ping us a letter from the future at hellohotyoghurt(at) We’d love to hear from you! Unless you’re Miley Cyrus / Justin Bieber / Isis.

Christmas, etc.

HY x/o


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